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The Mamenta Partner Program empowers agencies with the best in class global trade platform and sales channel enablement tool build robust international commerce experiences.

Agency Partner

Build ecommerce solutions on the world’s leading platform. You'll get advanced features, resources, and integrations to deliver next-level results for your clients.

Technology Partner

Build ecommerce themes, apps and integrations. Help BigCommerce merchants grow with design themes and site customization, custom apps, and business software integrations


Mamenta was built with
our partners in mind

Benefit from the most hands-on strategic partnership of any ecommerce platform. Join the thousands of partners who are building businesses and delivering next-level results to their clients.



“Mamenta makes us feel like we can be successful by getting access to training materials, and to people. The transparency is helpful, and our values being aligned is GOLD.”

-Ken Jeswani Founder and Ceo of Scent & Beaute

Dedicated onboarding and enablement

Business growth goals and value alignment

True deal flow and demand generation