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Sell your digital products on hundreds of platforms, distributed from on one.

Manage all your digital products across the globe in one central location.

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Marketplace digital downloads made easy around the world

Easily sell all your digital products to all your customer from one place. Software, Gaming, eBooks, PDFs and more, Mamenta consolidates all your digital products in a single location to distribute globally.

Quickly expand to new international markets

Push products from Mamenta directly to new channels

Manage all your marketplaces on one platfom

Connect with customers FASTER

Fast and efficient downloads
keeps your customers happy!

Boost Global Download Efficiency

Become even more efficient at delivering customer your digital products around the world

Increase Expsosure

Increase Customers

Increase Dowloads

Connect with us and see how simple marketplace digital downlaoads can be.

Deliver a consistent customer experience around the globe. Track success.  All in one place.


No passport necessary.
Tap into any of our supported global markets and start selling your products today.

Online Marketplaces
Distribution Centres

Take your brand everywhere

with a single global platform.